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Jukely Showcases New Artists, Offers Unlimited Concert Tickets

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You've heard of companies that will send you a new bag of makeup samples once a month--how about concert tickets? With Jukely Unlimited, a company that is already changing the music scene in Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and coming to Chicago TOMORROW at 11 am, you can attend unlimited concerts a month for a flat rate.

Bora Celik, one of the co-founders of Jukely, was working as a concert promoter where he noticed the industry problem of unsold tickets. To solve the problem, he created Jukely, allowing for more people to go out and discover new artists and more artists to perform for full houses. 

The free iPhone app suggests new artists for users based on the music both they and their friends are listening to on iTunes and Spotify. For $25 a month (or $45, if you want to bring a friend to shows), app users can become unlimited subscribers and claim tickets to unlimited concerts of up-and-coming artists in any of Jukely's six cities.  

Concert tickets drop between 11 am and 5 pm local time on the Jukely app (Android app coming this year) for shows that night or up to two days in advance. Tickets are offered on a first come, first serve basis to Jukely users. "It could be ten, it could be hundreds," Bora said about ticket numbers, so users have to move quickly to grab tickets to the shows they want. Celik says there were 300 shows available in New York last month and over 200 in Los Angeles. As for the Chi? "There are a lot of independent promoters and a great variety of shows already coming up," Celik says. "Right at launch time we're gonna have a great variety."

Learn more about Jukely and snag a one month subscription here or download their app for iPhone here.

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