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Hannah Miller to Release Self-Titled Album

photo courtesy of Skye Media and Design
Singer/songwriter Hannah Miller is set to release her self-titled album on May 5th. The album was recorded in Nashville after the birth of her first child and was made to transition the artist from an acoustic "coffeehouse" sound to an artist backed by a full band that can play on the stages with the big boys. Her music is inspired by the classical sounds of artists like Simon and Garfunkel and Tom Petty. She states, "We didn't want anything to sound too shiny. It's more raw than mainstream pop. Bluesier. Crunchier." She certainly has achieved this sound, a sound that she describes as "left-of-center pop, raw Americana, eclectic/electrified indie folk". With her warm, full voice, she can send you into a trance and remind you of days when you were young and free. The addition of a distorted blues guitar and synthesizer add to the down-to-earth feeling and reminds you of home. The album is definitely one to look for in 2015, as well as the artist. Some of her previous songs have been featured in shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Following, and Pretty Little Liars. One huge hit, "Promised Land," was featured in a YouTube video created by Danny Cooke of 60 Minutes about the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. "Promised Land" will be on the new album in two versions: a new full-band version and the version featured in the video. The track is a perfect representation of her music and captures the beauty of her voice. Listen to "Promise Land" and see the footage of the Chernobyl video here: 

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