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Fashion Friday - 1, 2, or 3 button suit jackets?

Men, one problem when trying to find a new suit jacket is if the jacket should have 1, 2, or 3 buttons. The choice can be a personal preference, but it can also be a necessity for formal events. As small as it seems, one button more or less can change the look of your whole outfit. Luckily, the answer is here. 

photo courtesy of blacklapel.com
The one-button suit jacket sports a more modern look. The one-button causes a very deep "V" that shows off more of your torso. This is perfect if you want to really show off your shirt and tie combo. The one-button is appropriate for fancier occasions because of its pristine and clean appearance. That being said, the one-button is often sported by tuxedo jackets. The best time to wear a one-button is for formal occasions where a classy, dapper look is a must.

photo courtesy of blacklapel.com
The two-button suit jacket is your average, everyday jacket. The two-button also causes a deep "V", but it is slightly more shallow. Two-buttoned jackets are designed to have slightly bigger lapels, making you appear taller and thinner. Every man should have a two-button jacket because it can be worn for almost any occasion and is easily dressed up or down. When wearing the two-button, only the top button should be buttoned.

photo courtesy of blacklapel.com
The three-button suit jacket is much less common in modern fashion. The three-button causes a very shallow "V". It is not as visually appealing as the other two jackets to most viewers. However, there are people to whom these jackets are suited. People who are taller than 6'3" can pull off this jacket. The shallower "V" and the "buttoned-up" look causes the tall wearer to appear more proportional. The time to wear a three-button jacket is when you are a basketball player, going to a "thrift store" inspired party, or you want to experiment with a new style. When wearing a three-button jacket, always button the middle button. It is optional to button the top button, and, like in the two-button, never button the bottom button.

As an added note, when sitting down, make sure you unbutton your jacket. This will allow your body to have more room to breathe when eating or talking, and it will keep the buttons from breaking off your jacket. Stay dapper!

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