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Discover: Up and Coming Artist Christina Grimmie

(Credit: christinagrimmieofficial.com)

Christina Grimmie's musical career began when she started posting YouTube videos of her singing covers just for fun. Since her first upload, she has gained over 375 million views and over 2 million subscribers, the 4th most subscribed musician on YouTube in 2013. In 2010, she was discovered by Selena Gomez's stepfather, Brian Teefey, who eventually became her manager. Watch her cover of "Heart Wants What It Wants" by Selena Gomez below:


In 2011, Grimmie released her EP, Find Me, and opened for Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers during their Concert of Hope tour. At the end of 2011, she performed at the American Music Awards along with Selena Gomez's band, The Scene, and was the musical guest on the short-lived Disney Channel show So Random!.

In 2013, her sophomore album, With Love, was released. She toured with Selena Gomez for the second time on her Stars Dance tour. Check out her single, "Tell My Mama," from her album below:

On the song, Grimmie said it's "about a guy that I started liking in school, and he's sort of a dangerous kid, and I am the type of girl that tell my mom about everything."

The Voice:

In 2014, Christina participated in season 6 of the hit show The Voice. She auditioned with Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and turned all four chairs within the first few words. With a few of her performances making it into the Top 10 on iTunes, Grimmie finished third on Adam's team. Adam Levine wanted to sign her to his record deal, and she caught the interest of Lil' Wayne and Justin Bieber as well. Despite the tempting offers, she ultimately decided to sign with Island Records.

Currently, Grimmie is working on her third album and has announced the release of her newest single, "Cliche," to be out on March 16th.
Click here to read more about Christina Grimmie's new single, "Cliche"
(Credit: coversradio.com)

What makes Christina Grimmie different from many other artists is the fact that she stays grounded in her Christian faith. She grew up influenced by Christian artists such as Stacio Orrico. On Orrico, she says, 
"She has a really awesome voice and I was so drawn to it. I think the reason I do have a soul voice is because I grew up listening to her and she was my huge, huge influence. I wanted to sound just like her, I wrote songs that kinda sounded like something she would do."
Along with her pop covers, Christina has recorded covers of Christian songs, with her favorite being "In Christ Alone." Grimmie also has a broad taste in music, from pop to Christian to dubstep to even metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Christina continues to grow as an artist and a performer and has made my list of exciting acts to keep on your playlist.

For more information on Christina Grimmie, visit her website, like her on Facebook, follow her on twitter (@TheRealGrimmie) and instagram (@zoraxlove64), and listen to more of her music and covers on YouTube.

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