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Discover: Meet Nalani & Sarina

Nalani & Sarina are more than just a sister act -- they're identical twins. The Bolton sisters' first album, Lessons Learned, was packed with tender, soulful vocals from the duo and gorgeous instrumentals provided by an impressive backing band featuring musicians from The Late Show with David Letterman's house band. We talked with Nalani & Sarina about their sound, their sisterhood, and their upcoming EP, Scattered World

How would you each individually describe the band's sound? 
N: It's hard to pinhole it to one genre but it's a nice blend of pop, rock, and soul - while still balancing something intimate and personal.

S: Our music is something that comes from the soul. It is a pop sound with a live band feel - we like our music to have a human's touch as apposed to a bunch of machines.

This is a weird question, but how old are you guys?
N&S: We are both 21.  Don't worry, it's not a weird question - we get that all the time.

Nalani, what's it like being in a band with your twin sister? 
N: There's nothing more fun than being in a band with your twin.  We keep each other grounded and encourage one another to become better musicians, writers, and performers.  When you get to work with someone so close to you, it never feels like work.

Ok, now Sarina, what's the best thing Nalani brings to the band? 
S: The best thing Nalani brings is her awareness of what sounds best as a whole, as well as her spontaneity. We can just look at each other and know where we want to go in a song.

My favorite track off of Lessons Learned is "Masha's Song", but I have to ask, who is Masha? 
N&S: Masha is a dear friend of ours who we've been friends with since the beginning of high school.  We wrote it when she was going through a hard time and wanted to show that there is more out there than just a small bump in the road. We wanted to emphasize the power of "sisterhood".

What's the songwriting process like for you guys?
N&S: The songwriting process is different every time. We'll either come together with separate ideas or we'll start from scratch and come up with a song on the spot.  No matter what, there's always a contribution from both of us in EVERY song we write - it's always a fun back-and-forth game to us.

Tell me about your newest single, "We'll Be Free". 
N&S: "We'll Be Free" is our expression of what the world ought to be.  It's about coming together regardless of where you came from. It's about not passing judgement because of your diversity, and instead embracing it.  We wrote it after doing a college gig where we were surrounded by these kinds of people; the chorus was written on the car-ride home.

How will the Scattered World EP differ from Lessons Learned?
N&S: From a writing perspective, the new songs are a lot more grown-up, writing about more worldly topics and not drawing only from personal experience. Musically, it's more edgy and rocks a little more than the last album.  We wrote a lot of the songs with the idea of having a band/full production in mind, and a lot of the songs were written in response to seeing some great live concerts, such as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Fleetwood Mac.

Each of you have such awesome style. What is your favorite thing in each of your wardrobes? 
N&S: We actually share one wardrobe - we may favor certain pieces but for the most part we have a pretty unified closet. (Being the same size, we might as well take advantage!) Nalani has a favorite brown leather jacket that is a great go-to piece and pretty much goes with everything.  Sarina tends to gravitate towards a leather/jean studded jacket which is a nice show piece. It's a cool mix of rugged and edgy.

You guys have a lot of shows out east coming up. Any plans to move your performances west? 
N&S: We actually played a show in LA this past summer.  We are definitely planning on getting back to the west coast soon.

What should we expect from you in the next year? 
N&S: This year we are going to continue writing more songs and playing bigger and better shows to help build our profile and spread our music. 

Catch Nalani & Sarina live in NYC at The Bitter End on Wednesday, March 25th @ 8 pm, and be sure to snag their Scattered World EP this June! Until then, check out their single "Be Free" off the upcoming EP on Soundcloud and watch their new music video for "Balloons" below!

For more from Nalani & Sarina, check them out on Facebook and take a look at their website.  

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