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Discover: Meet Lexi Elisha

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Lexi Elisha is pushing the boundaries of Christian music and flipping everything you thought you know about Christian music on its head. Falling somewhere between Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, Lexi is part of a growing and malleable genre of pop worship. With her spunky pop sound and versatile voice, you could just as soon hear Lexi's music on Top 40 radio as KLOVE. A singer, songwriter, and student, there's not much that Lexi doesn't do. We talked to Lexi about her music, her faith, and her upcoming album.  

How would you describe your sound?
LE: Edgy pop. I take my inspiration from so many incredible lyricists and musicians (Beck, Jon Foreman, Sleeping at Last, Hozier) that I would say you can hear a bit of that indie vibe in my music. But I also love some good straight pop. 

When did you know this was what you wanted to do? 
LE: I’ve never wanted to do anything else. I can remember being in the church choir in 4th grade dreaming about this being my career forever. 

Did you always know you wanted to do Christian-based music?
LE: That’s a great question. I’ve always wanted to share the love of God, always. But I didn’t know what context I wanted to do it. I love worship music, and I love mainstream pop. I went back and forth for so long until I realized that I don’t need to necessarily choose one over the other. I am going to write the words God is speaking to me and I am going to write my life. I am always going to be a Christian whether that’s in the Christian music industry or not. 

What sets you apart from the artists we might hear on KLOVE or other "Christian Rock" stations?
LE: Haha. Gosh….I just don’t think I fit their mold at the moment.

What's your favorite show you've done thus far? 
LE: Ever? In my life?! That’s way to hard to pick. Like way too hard…..

I love your "Say Something" and "Animals" covers with Grant Woell. How do you know Grant? 
LE: Hey thanks! Grant and I have been super close for years. He is definitely one of my good friends in the business. We both started young in the business, so we connected right off the bat. I can’t remember exactly how we met, but I am so glad we did! 

Lots of Christians, including myself, say they have a big "aha" God moment that really launches their faith. Did you have one?
LE: I was born and raised in a little all brick Pentecostal church in my hometown. I worked the overhead projector on Sundays, was in the church choir, I basically lived at the church. To be honest, I didn’t have a huge “aha” moment. One day it just hit me that I wanted Jesus for myself.  I didn’t want to just go to church because my parents made me. So I asked my mom to help me say the prayer. I knelt by my bed that night and asked Jesus to be my savior. He’s been the end all be all ever since. 

Where was the "I Choose Love" video filmed? So many cute moments with you and a bunch of adorable little Lexi fans. 
LE: We had so much fun with the fans during that shoot! The majority of it was filmed on the Chicago river and Navy Pier. There were also some scenes in Chesterton and Valparaiso, Indiana. 

Who designs your merch? It's adorable. 
LE: I think you may be the first person to ever ask me this question. And I do hundreds and hundreds of interviews. Haha! I actually design it. I have an amazing graphic designer who takes all my crazy ideas and drawings and helps to solidify them. I have always been very passionate about fashion and clothing and take pride in my merch!

Tell me about your "Grace abounds me" tattoo. 
LE: My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 5:20. There is nothing more fitting than that verse to be on my body forever. It says exactly what Jesus did and continues to do for us every single day. The law cannot hold us down because His grace covers us. What He did on the cross covers us. It’s a reminder to me every time I look down at my shoulder now. 

Romans 5:20 “Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”

Can you tell us about your upcoming EP?
LE: It’s SUPER pop. I released an EP a few months ago called Rope. That was the realest thing I’ve ever put out. It was brutally honest, heart breaking, and solemn. This EP is exactly opposite. It’s still honest but it’s also fun, summery, passionate, and full of joy. I cannot wait for people to finally hear it! 

I'm sure you hate getting this question, but what's your plan for after graduation? 
LE: Music : ) 

What's the biggest thing that your journey as an artist has taught you?
LE: Grace will abound more. God always makes a way for the things He’s called His children to. Heartbreak happens, even to people that seem invincible on a platform. And finally, when you are obeying what God has planned for your life, the journey is the most beautiful thing on earth.

For more from Lexi Elisha, check her out on Facebook and visit her website.

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