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Discover: Hot New EDM Star Fleet Fire

Fleet Fire, an up-and-coming DJ from Indiana, may have only a few tracks in his pocket, but he holds potential for an EDM takeover. His latest remix is an experiment in the "chillstep" genre, using Zedd's "Find You", showing off this DJ's versatility. Along with his remixes, Fleet Fire's original content is just as impressive, like the electro-ballad "Zurg" and experimental track "A Time of Transition", which are a must have for your house dance parties. Other noteworthy remixes include Skillet's "Not Gonna Die" and "Carol of the Bells". Fleet Fire's music has come a long way from his start, including some name and logo changes, improving his music with each mix. He is definitely an EDM artist to look out for as he becomes increasingly popular. You can listen to his new mix here:

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