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Discover: The Dig "You & I & You" Music Video

NYC indie rockers The Dig have shared the music video that combines their songs "Cold Afternoon" and "So Alone." The joint music video is entitled "You & I & You" - after the band's most recent EP, You & I - and is directed by Terence Nance. 

The music video's songs feature the Dig's characteristic dreamy sound that echoes with reverb. Their style is often cited as reflecting influence from The Cure or Joy Division. They have also been compared in some ways to other NYC indie rock acts; in fact, the Dig's two singers, Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin, used to rehearse next door to the Strokes when they first began writing music with each other at the age of ten. 

Check out the band's new music video below, and stay tuned for future updates on Up to Tempo!

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