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Discover: Catching Up with Cincinnati's Room for Zero

Photo Credit: Room For Zero

I recently had the opportunity to ask a couple questions to Michael Stubbs, guitarist of Cincinnati band Room for Zero. Room for Zero has been gaining popularity as an indie rock band locally and has had recent success in getting radioplay for their 2014 single, "Come On, Come On." Check out our interview with Michael below and listen to one of their songs below!

First of all, I'd like to say you guys rock! From what I understand, Room for Zero formed in early 2014. How did you and the other band members meet?

Thanks! Our singer Ian Ford and our drummer Nick Imholte are coworkers who happened to love similar music. They put the band together in the summer of 2014. Nick played in a band with our other guitarist Chris Harding and I’ve known Ian since junior high. I currently play in a worship band with Braden Dorsey, our bassist.

Who came up with the band name?

Ian did! After a long list of potential names, Ian and Nick picked Room for Zero to honor Ian’s dad who was an amazing drummer playing for local and national acts.

I listened to your debut EP recently and it's a pretty fun collection of songs. Does your band have any plans to record more material later this year?

Absolutely! We actually have ten new songs that have yet to be recorded and we’re continually writing more. As of right now, we plan to record a full length album in the fall.

I've heard "Come On, Come On" on a few different radio stations over the past month and have to say it reminds me a bit of UK bands such as the Kooks or the Libertines, at least in the sense of current guitar-driven indie rock. What are some of your own influences as a guitarist? 

That’s so awesome that you can hear the influence! The Kooks in particular are a huge influence for us. Each of us have really different taste in music, but we all love that UK sound. I listen to just about anything I can! As a guitarist, I’m influenced by Muse, U2, and WALK THE MOON, but mostly by older British bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen. I’ve always been a fan of gritty blues rock players like Jimmy Page as well as precise, effect-laden guitarists like the Edge.

Cincinnati's local music scene has always been pretty unique. What other bands should we be listening to right now? 

Cincinnati has such a great music scene. If you’re in the mood for some indie punk, you should check out Tweens. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something a little more chill, Young Heirlooms is an awesome folk band. John Ford is definately someone to check out and is actually Ian’s uncle! He has a really cool style of old-school blues with awesome vocals.

2015 looks like it will be a busy year for you guys. Do you have any other big plans for the year that you'd like to share with us? 

Definitely! April is going to be a very busy month for us! We’re playing a show at Legends in Cheviot on April 10th and we’re playing the Earth Day celebration at Sawyer point in Cincinnati on April 18th. This Friday, we’re playing at Roots music lounge underneath Sprout Eatery in Mt. Adams. Lastly, be on the lookout for our new recorded material coming at you in the fall!

Thanks so much, Michael! Check out more of Room for Zero's music here, and listen to the song "Come On, Come On" below. 

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  1. I loooove these guys! Saw them at Roots and they were amazing! I really want to see them on a big stage. They play more originals than whats on the EP, I can't wait for them to release them all.


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