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Blur Will Play New Album "The Magic Whip" In Full

British rock band Blur have announced that they will play their upcoming album, entitled The Magic Whip, in full at a concert later this month. The show will be at a small club in West London - the venue has yet to be announced - and will take place the Friday night of March 20. Their new album will be the first since 2003's Think Tank and the first with guitarist Graham Coxon since 1999's 13. Aside from the ice cream cone, the album cover features neon-lit traditional Chinese lettering, a nod to Damon Albarn's lyrical inspiration from the band's stop in Hong Kong last year. 

The album will be released on April 27th and can be pre-ordered here. In case you missed it, below is the music video for Blur's newest song, "Go Out," which premiered three weeks ago when the album was unexpectedly announced. 

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