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Album Review: Purity Ring "Another Entity"

Review: Purity Ring “Another Entity”

Short Review: Canadian duo Purity Ring are back, and their second album will not disappoint. Although it does not quite reach the electro-infused experimental height of their 2012 debut, Shrines, Another Entity is pop perfection that does not sacrifice quality for their newfound commercial success.

Full Review: Few albums you have heard in 2015 so far will sound as fresh as Purity Ring’s sophomore effort, Another Entity. The Canadian duo consisting of Corin Roddick and Megan James gathered attention in 2012 for their debut, Shrines, which won a number of awards in dance and electronic music categories. While producing for a handful of rap artists on the side, Purity Ring announced they were working on a new album in February of last year. Another Entity promises – and succeeds - to be the fun and upbeat follow-up that picks up right where Shrines left off.

The opening track, “heartsigh,” is a dreamy and radio-ready pop track. Within the first few seconds of the album, it is clear that the crisp, stellar production of each synth-beat is pristine, and that the listener is in for a treat. The second track, “bodyache,” is the current single from the album and is a shimmering pop anthem that offers an alternative to the typical Top 40 radio formula.

“Push pull” and “repetition” follow suit with the kind of melodies waiting to fill a glowing stadium or float out the speakers at an early summer party. “stranger than earth” hints  back to the echoing, tempo-shifting roots of Shrines. “Begin again” and “dust hymn” overflow with a sound reminiscent of – but perhaps taking a step further than – likewise bands CHVRCHES or Phantogram. “Flood on the floor” is a dancefloor ready track with crystalline beats that fall lightly over a glittering melody. “Sea castle” is a slightly more reserved track that leads into the woozy electric slowness of the closing track, “stillness in woe.”

Overall, Another Entity is a dazzling and fun album likely to be included in your weekend soundtrack for months to come. It is a satisfying listen to anyone who enjoys electronic pop music, or simply a more creative alternative to the Billboard Top 10. Longing, infatuation, and frustration are woven between the beats and melodies, emotions that sparkle across the surface without the need to dig excessively deeper. The album pulses with the kind of excitement spurred on by outings with friends, first dates, and your high-school crush. Another Entity allows you to remember these instances while embracing the present moment, and track after track is candy to your ears.

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