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2 Chainz and GQ Premiere Season 2 of Most Expensivest Shit

Many think that 2 Chainz is speaking in hyperbole when he says, "I stack my money so tall that you might need a giraffe when you counting this cash," but with the help of GQ, the rapper has set out to prove that statement true. GQ recently premiered the second season of Most Expensivest Shit, a video series in which GQ sends 2 Chainz out into the world to sample the most expensive luxury goods that money can buy. Season 1 had the College Park native listening to himself through $30,000 headphones, eating a $1,000 ice cream sundae, trying on a $25,000 hat, and other similar trials of the finer things. With an episode from Season 2 already circling around the web featuring 2 Chainz smoking a gold-covered joint and the promise of collaborations with Diplo, Jhen√© Aiko, Big Sean, and French Montana, we ask the same question that 2 Chainz sets out to answer: is it worth it?

Check out the first episode of Season 2 here: 

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