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of Montreal Streams New Album

photo courtesy of polyvinylrecords.com
of Montreal's newest album "Aureate Gloom" is set to be released on Tuesday, but you can stream the entire album via NPR First Listen. of Montreal has a sound that can be described as funky spastic alternative pop rock. "Aureate Gloom" is the bands thirteenth full-length album, and band member Kevin Barnes describes the album as "sort of all over the place musically". The band's music is already pretty spastic, so by saying this, a listener can expect some big changes in the music. When listening to each song on the album, one cannot really determine the genre of the band. This is because each song has its own unique style and "character". You can order the album from Polyvinyl Records at their website: https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/#product/aureate_gloom. You can listen to the full album at NPR's website: http://www.npr.org/2015/02/22/387203682/first-listen-of-montreal-aureate-gloom#playlist

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