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Night Drive Releases New Track + Music Video

photo from itunes.apple.com
The Austin-based duo Night Drive has never been conventional: they met when the girl both were dating (not knowing of the other) was killed in a car wreck. Night Drive's sound is just as out there: they are based on a dark synth sound will pulsing, upbeat drum and bass beats. Their second released single, "Easy to Lie," rocks contemplative background synths on a driving bass rhythm and heavy drum patterns. With the vocals, the song is haunting and dramatic, yet promising. All in all, it sounds like an improved 80's pop-synth remix. Their album is set to be released later in 2015.

The music video for "Easy To Lie" was directed by Christian Haberkern, who made the video into a sci-fi short film. Christian Haberkern is known for his work in visual effects for movies like Captain America, Robocop, and Thor, and that talent is shown in the video. Click here to watch the music video, or you can listen to the track below.

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