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New Music: Fred Thomas - "All Are Saved"

Songwriter Fred Thomas has a new solo album available for pre-order, "All Are Saved". Thomas's lyrics can be described as poetic, and the way they are sung is simple to understand and almost as if they are spoken. The lyrics are built on top of synths and dreamy guitar rhythms mixed with distorted sample sounds, creating a dream inducing sound that causes the listener to relax and contemplate the things in life. Two songs from the album have already been released to stream on Soundcloud. You can listen to them below. You can pre-order the album from Polyvinyl Records. By pre-ordering the album, you can save $2 on any of the formats offered: vinyl, CD, tape, and MP3. The pre-orders are shipped on March 27th, and they will be in stores on April 7th. Polyvinyl Records is also offering bundles to purchase. To view the bundle options and/or pre-order the album visit Polyvinyl Records's website here: https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/#store/all_are_saved 

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