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Low Cut Connie Single + Music Video Shakes It Up

by: Jace Allen, Edited by Becca Grischow

Rock-and-roll like never before with new single "Shake It Little Tina" from Low Cut Connie, taken from their upcoming album, Hi Honey.  "Shake It Little Tina" is a fresh take on old-world rock-and-roll with a catchy beat and lyrics that will throw you back to better times.

The video for "Shake It Little Tina" is the work of dancer Adam Carpenter, who spent the last year doing 200 dances across the United States to this song, resulting in a feel-good three and a half minutes. Check it out below: 

Low Cut Connie's album, Hi Honey, will be released April 21 on Contender Records.  

Hi Honey Track Listing:

1.  Who The Hell Is Tina?
2.  Shake It Little Tina
3.  Diane (Don't Point That Thing At Me)
4.  Back In School
5.  Me N Annie
6.  Taste So Good
7.  Dickie's Bringin Me Down 
8.  Danny's Outta Money
9.  Little Queen Of New Orleans
10.  Dumb Boy
11.  The Royal Screw
12.  Somewhere Along The Avenue
13.  Both My Knees

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