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Hell of a Night, Hell of a Guy: Catching Up With Dustin Lynch

Not going to lie, I turned a little pink when I picked up the phone to hear Dustin Lynch's voice on the other line. This "Cowboys and Angels" singer has made his way into the hearts of country fans country-wide with his smooth voice and baby blues. His sophomore album, Where It's At, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Album Chart upon its release in 2014, bringing us the hit by the same title along with Lynch's newest single, "Hell of a Night."

Dustin started touring with Luke Bryan about two weeks ago on the Winter leg of his That's My Kind Of Night Tour and is set to join him and Randy Houser on Bryan's Kick the Dust Up Tour beginning on May 8th in North Dakota. 

When I asked Dustin about touring with Luke, he was nothing short of humble. "I find it really weird that no matter where we go people show up and know the words to all of our songs. It’s a flattering thing, I don’t take it for granted, the fact that people have taken the time to learn the words," Lynch said, then added, "it's freakishly awesome." I wasn't surprised to hear that "Where It's At" is his favorite song to perform live. "When the first note hits, the crowd goes crazy," Dustin said.

Dustin will also be joining Luke this year at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. He described the event as "a big old party," and expressed his desire to grab a golf cart and hang out with fans. "The show is great," he said, "but before and afterwards is the party." When I asked him who he was most excited to see at Country Thunder, he of course backed his boy Luke. "He’s definitely gonna take the cake," Lynch said. "That’ll be our first festival date together, so it’ll be exciting to see him take his show to that many people. We’ll be pre-gaming for about 12 hours." 

What sets Dustin apart from other country singers? He thanks his producers for helping him be versatile. "We can put out a super country traditional song like “Cowboys and Angels” and have success with that or put out a new-age hit like “Where It’s At” and have success with that. It’s a fun two worlds to straddle."

And of course, Dustin puts part of himself into every song he writes. 

"Nobody’s me. Nobody’s lived in my shoes. I’ve got emotions and feelings and places I’ve been to, felt, and seen. And I think that’s what makes each songwriter a different person and what makes each artist an individual. You get a collection of stories on the radio that we’ve lived and experienced."

Check out Dustin Lynch's new single, "Hell Of A Night," below, check out Luke and Dustin's tour dates here, and get tickets to see him and Luke Bryan along with a dozen other amazing country stars at Country Thunder here.

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