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Fashion Friday - Your Go-To Suit from Propersuit

photo courtesy of propersuit.com
Propersuit Fit Specialist Stuart Hall talks about what a "go-to" suit is and how it should fit and feel. Stuart Hall spent about a year in training to become a fit specialist for Propersuit. He now works for Propersuit in LA, one of several Propersuit locations. One thing that new clients often want is a "go-to" suit for any occasion, and Stuart knows exactly what these clients need. He states that the suit should "not be too slim for risk of appearing like you are trying too hard or too baggy because looking well kept is to respect the people you are with". This being said, an all occasion suit should be fitted for any event, and should not be specialized. Stuart also describes his "go-to" suit. He wears a jacket with a narrow peak lapel. The lapel adds detail that defines the jacket even more, and it can easily be dressed down or up. The lining of his jacket is made of Japanese Imported Bemberg Lining. It sounds fancy because it is, but it also "breathable and possess the softest hand-feel for the wearer". The pants are made of the same material as the jacket, and contain a "made-to-measure" waist line. This eliminates the need to wear a belt, and the viewer can focus more on the fit and style of the pants. Propersuit has multiple locations around the United States for you to go and get fitted. Be ready to spend a decent amount of money for your suit. It will be well worth it, and will probably get a better fit, style, and feel than your average suit dealer. To find your nearest location, visit their website here: http://propersuit.com/

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