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EchoLight Studios Announces Theater Release of Return To The Hiding Place

photo from echolightcinemas.com
EchoLight Studios has announced that they will release their film Return To The Hiding Place on May 1st in over 650 EchoLight Cinemas. EchoLight Studios is famous for their world class, faith-based films. Hiding Place is based on the true story of Hans Poley, a young student who resists joining the Nazi party. He is taken to the home of Corrie ten Boom. Hans, with the help of Piet Hartog and Aty van Woerden, form an elaborate operation to build a resistance to and fight the Nazis out of the house of Corrie ten Boom, called Hiding Place. This untold story of the Hiding Place is one of true courage, and is definitely a film to put on your list to see in 2015.

Check out the trailer below.

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