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Discover: Pet Symmetry's Single, "Give Thanks (Get Lost)," and New Album

By: Jayde Plaza, Edited by Becca Grischow

On May 19th, Chicago-based "Geekmo" band Pet Symmetry will be releasing their debut album, Pets Hounds. Their single, "Give Thanks (Get Lost)," is available to stream on SoundCloud.

About Pet Symmetry:

Pet Symmetry came together Winter of 2012. When indie-punk star Chris Farren was throwing around fake band names on Facebook, the name "Pet Symmetry" caught the attention of Evan Weiss, lead vocalist and bass player, and he immediately asked for permission to use it. Farren joked that in return, he would need their first born child and and thanks in the credits of every album. The cover of Pet Symmetry's new album features Farren with two great beasts next to him.

Pet Symmetry's angst-y sound will make you want to grab your air guitar. Listen to their newest single "Give Thanks (Get Lost)" below.

For more information on Pet Symmetry, like them on Facebook.

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