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Discover: Nex2Kin ft Young Lyxx -- "That Ain't Yo B!tch"

Chicago-based hip hop duo, Nex2Kin dropped its hot, club record, "That Aint Yo B!tch" ft. Young Lyxx. Produced by Great Lakes and mastered by Paris Bueller, "That Ain't Yo B!tch" is the follow-up track to "I Ain't Wit It," which was featured on MTV late last year, and is the first record released from Nex2Kin's upcoming mixtape, "Cheeks & Drinks." The duo, Rich An Yung and Bliggs, are cousins who grew up on Chicago's south side and started creating music together after a family get together in 2010. Since that time the group has worked with a list of hot artists, producers and executives while building their buzz in Chicago and throughout the South East region.

Nex2Kin have collaborated and worked with several artists, most notably Twista, Scotty ATL and Young Lyxx. The group also works with a range of top producers in the industry including: BandKamp, Great Lakes, Paris Beuller, BJ the Producer and Sound Master T. The group, known to get people out of their seats during their performances, always bring an energy to the stage that matches their "party" music style, that they've termed "wangin' music."

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