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Discover: New Music Video from The Young Wild

Modern rock group, The Young Wild, released a music video for single "Not a One". The band, created in early 2014 hails from sunny San Diego. The Young Wild plan on releasing an EP featuring "Not a One" in 2015 and spreading . The video coupled with the song's catchy and chant like lyrics will have listeners stomping and singing along with the silloettes on the screen.

This minimalistic video has a maximuml effect. The creative idea behind this video is genius. Bryon, lead singer of the band, says about the making of the clip,
"We decided to do a performance piece where each person would be filmed sparately and make and interpretation of the song without being aware of what the other performers would be doing. When we combined each shot into one environment you get all these movements and ideas working with and against each other."
The band members, albeit separate during filming, come together to create a stunning and dramatic piece that demonstrates the creative process of writing and performing music.

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