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Discover: New Music from Ex-Cult

by Jayde Plaza, edited by Becca Grischow

The Memphis-based punk band, Ex-Cult, has released a video of "Clinical Study," the first song on their new EP, Cigarette Machine.

Ex-Cult - "Clinical Study":

About Ex-Cult:

Chris Shaw, front-man of Ex-Cult, leads this post-punk band and provides an early '80s hardcore sound to the stage. After grabbing the attention of Goner Records in Memphis, the band has since released singles, their first album, Midnight Passenger, and now Cigarette Machine. Previously known as Sex-Cult and described as having a "bleak whirlwind of shredding" (thefader.com), this band has a snarling sound with intense vocals.

Listen to "Cigarette Machine" and "Media House Company" on SoundCloud:

Cigarette Machine tracklist: 

01. Clinical Study
02. Cigarette Machine
03. Rats in the Gas Tank
04. Media House Company
05. Dripping Mouth
06. Your Mask

For more information on Ex-Cult, like them on Facebook, and visit the Castle Face Records website. Listen to more from Ex-Cult and Castle Face Records on SoundCloud.

Source(s): http://www.thefader.com/2014/11/12/ex-cult-cigarette-machine

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