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Discover: Mac McCaughan "Lost Again"

Matt McCaughan Debuts New Song "Lost Again"

Founder of indie bands Superchunk and Portastatic Mac McCaughan is set to release an album under his own name, entitled Non-Believers, later this year. Today he shares the first track from his upcoming album. 'Lost Again' has the comfortable feel of an instant classic in Mac's long line of previous works.

On the sounds and inspiration, for the record, Mac shares his thoughts with his label, Merge Records. "The record is about a fascination with art that could only be made by someone far from where you are, but who maybe shares the frustrations and awkwardness of youth. It’s about the irony that comes with being 16 and having a car but not knowing where to go in it, or having a keyboard or a guitar and not knowing how to play it.”

His new album, Non-Believers, is out May 5th on Merge Records. Pre-order the album here and view a list of Mac's tour dates.

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