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Datsik Ninja Nation Tour Chicago Night 2

As a part of Datsik's Ninja Nation tour, he spent two nights performing at the Concord in Chicago over the weekend. Over the course of the night four artists took to the stage, each better than the last. Opening the concert, Fox Stevenson was evidently nervous and even more so after his opening pre-made mix malfunctioned on the sound board and he was forced to mix live for a few minutes the technical difficulties were fixed. It was clear that Fox hadn't been prepared to do a lot of live mixing and didn't know the full capability of the sound system (which would be tested later in the night). There were in Fox's mix, a few really great mixes, but overall nothing too impressive. Taking to the stage next, Trolley Snatcher recovered the crowd and thoroughly impressed this writer. Amazing mixes, floor shaking bass lines, the crowd loved Trolley Snatcher and wasn't afraid to let him know. I would turn around and find myself inches away from people dancing so hard I feared if I left the security of my wall flower spot, I would end up in the middle of the crowd disoriented, drugged, and in need of medical attention. Not thinking it could be done until Datsik would be performing his set, Kennedy Jones started mixing and absolutely blew my mind. I would turn to my right to look at my friend, and we both stood there, slack jawed , wide eyed, not knowing what to do. Kennedy Jones is by far one of the best EDM DJ's I have ever seen. The crowd definitely would have to agree, no sooner than Kennedy finished his first set, the regular concert crowd routine of less than legal behaviors began. Shaking the speakers and the floor Kennedy brought the house down, for the first time in my life I was Rick Rolled at a concert and to be quite honest I wasn't even mad about it. Wrapping up his set with rapping left me speechless, the crowd cheering him on, and made for one hell of a performance. Finally after a few hours of waiting and listening to some of the best live mixing I have ever heard, Datsik came only to add the cherry on top of the night. Lighting up the crowd and my face, Datsik dropped it and dropped it hard. Now I have to admit until about a week ago I had no idea who Datsik was, I got an email about possibly attending the concert, and my friend pressured me to go. After listening to him on off for about a week now and seeing him bring down the concord, I will definitely be listening more often. I couldn't help but dance in my little spot. Overall Ninja Nation tour receives a 8.7/10 from me, if you have the chance I definitely recommend attending.  

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