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Youtuber Troye Sivan's first EP!

The hilarious youtuber Troye Sivan has recently released his first EP and I must say is done astonishingly well. The EP titled TRXYE went to number one in 32 countries, and his single "Happy Little Pill" went to number one in 20 different countries. For his first attempt at creating professional music I'd have to say he did an amazing job. "Happy Little Pill" is only complimented by its beat, use of synthase, lyrics, and the creative and artsy music video which being released only 12 days ago is already at 1.6 million views and counting as it climbs the international charts. Watch the video here! -> "Happy Little Pill" (Music Video)- Troye Sivan. The whole EP is full of deep lyrics, mostly covering love, something dear to this artist's heart after he came out as gay a little over a year ago. One song on the EP, "Touch", is especially intimate. In the opinion of this writer it is well worth the time to listen to. 

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