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Live Review: Kate Nash at Chicago's Metro Theater

By: Kelsey Kazmucha
It was a cold rainy Friday night in Chicago but you couldn't tell from the warmth felt in The Metro from all of Kate Nash's adoring fans. Kate is all for the empowerment of women and wants to see more women in the music industry. Opening for Kate was Skating Polly, a two girl teenage rock band. They only had an electric guitar and drums. They switched back and forth, both playing each instrument and doing vocals. I was quite impressed. Following them was La Sera, a four person band. The only female was the vocalist who was also the bassist. They had a more relaxed feel. I enjoyed their energy. Finally, at 10pm the beautiful Kate Nash took the stage. Behind her was a projector screen and four retro style televisions all displaying videos to correlate with each song. She rocked out on her guitar, along side her all girl band! It was very empowering! Kate played a good mix of her music from old to new. She made a few speeches, one was showing her support of how she has mostly teenage girl fans. Kate stated she loves teenage girls and that they are the coolest! Also cracking a joke that she didn't want all her fans being only middle aged men, but that she still loves them too! All the men in the crowd shouted with enthusiasm. Another statement she made was that if you have shit friends, dump them! Her final speech was all about how much she loves girls and not to give a fuck what anyone thinks of you! You don't have to be skinny, follow the crowd, or check things off a list before a certain age, she said, it's okay to be a little freaky. Kate stated that the best people she has met are the ones who don't care what anyone thinks of them. For the final song a group of fans were pulled out of the crowd to go on stage and dance with her, me included!!! It was intense, she even crowd surfed! She wrapped her arms around as many of us as possible to show her love for her fans. Kate left the stage and then came back for an encore. The thing I loved most about the entire show is how much she smiled, you can tell this woman is so passionate and just LOVES what she does. I believe everyone, girls especially, should experience a Kate Nash concert at least once!

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