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Live Review: The Naked & Famous at Chicago's Riviera Theater

By Taylor DeToro
What better way to spend a Wednesday night than watching live music at the iconic Riviera Theatre in Chicago. Due to the uncertainty of city traffic, we missed the majority of the opening act, The Colourist; however, there was no doubt that they had no problems setting the set for the headliner.
Dressed to the nines in matching head to heels black, the New Zealand natives took the stage. To a packed house the band played fan favorites off of the first album, Passive Me Aggressive You, to songs of off the latest In Rolling Waves. From the flashing lights to the crisp, clear sound of their voices, they definitely know how to put on a show. They genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves as they perform and it reflects into the audience. The chemistry between the band members is undeniable and it is hardly believable that they have only been together for a few short years. 

A Stillness 
Hearts Like Ours 
Girls Like You 
Rolling Waves 
The Sun 
The Source 
I Kill Giants 
Grow Old 
All of This 
Punching in a Dream 
What We Want 
No Way 

To Move With Purpose 
Young Blood 

They still have additional tour dates, and will be going on tour early next year with Imagine Dragons, so check them out in a city near you.

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