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Five reasons why you should attend Florida's Coastline Festival!

Reason 1. The Music!
The lineup is fantastic, especially for a Florida event. Take this opportunity to escape what's become the norm for music festivals and enjoy some live music that isn't being played from a computer.

Take A Walk - Passion Pit

Whirring - They Joy Formidable

Swim - Surfer Blood

Reason 2. Tickets are cheap!
You can get a general admission lawn ticket for $25.00, or even a VIP ticket which includes 9 benefits, for just $99.00. You can find out more about tickets by clicking here!

Reason 3. BEER. BEER. BEER.
The promoters have hand selected more than 25 different types of beer for you to taste! Sounds like a good time to me!

Reason 4. The food!
There will be a whole area of the festival dedicated to food trucks where you can taste everything from Tacos to Barbeque.

Reason 5. It's close. If you live in Florida, chances are you are only up to 3 hours away from either Tampa or West Palm, and this would make for a great weekend getaway. Coastline Festival is family friendly, so you could even bring your kids along and allow them to experience some new food and tunes. Stay tuned in the future, we'll be doing an interview with the promoters of the event to get some more detail behind the festival. In the meantime, you can find out more here, and snag up some of those $25.00 tickets because the prices will rise soon.

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