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Aokify America: Live in Chicago

Most teens spent their night under the Friday Night Lights of High School football, cheering on whatever team for whatever reason, while others spent it dancing, raving, raging, at one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I arrived a few minutes early, early enough to watch the droves of people file into the arena and on to the dance floor. The crowd erupted as Waka Flocka's DJ walked on stage to introduce Waka. When Waka appeared the crowd boomed, many shouting "Squad", throwing glow sticks and other random items on the stage. As the set began the crowd reacted perfectly to Waka Flocka's provocative lyrics, sick rhythms, and amazing stage presence. When Waka jumped from the stage and to crowd barrier, the crowd slowly began to lose control. Hands reaching out to touch him, screaming girls, and unmentionables flying toward us. Over all with the stage presence, how he seemed to work the crowd like a marionette, and his talent, I give Waka Flocka a 9.5/10.

Borgore took to the stage to begin a 55 minute long set of continuous music. As if the insane drops and mixes that Borgore is known for weren't enough the visual effects were trippy and intense. The DJ stand flashing the same insane images as the huge projection screen behind him, the lights adding the perfect affect to his bass drops and rhythm, and the crazy crowd provided for an excellent set. As I turned to take a picture of the crowd I saw thousands of people dancing to the music as if they were the only person in the arena. The ability to make music that allows people to do that is something that this writer holds in high regards. Borgore receives a 10/10 from me and I'm sure everybody else in the arena. 

Pharrell began his set and the crowd simply went ape shit crazy. The girls in the crowd screamed and "fangirled" as he walked on. Singing some of his more known hits, Get Lucky and Blurred Lines, Pharrell commanded the crowd. He often cut the music, and allowed the crowd to sing the lyrics in random parts of his songs. In between songs Pharrell preached of love and equality, protecting people on the streets and trying to lower the street crime violence rampaging through Chicago, he also invited a four year remission cancer survivor he met through the Make A Foundation on the stage and told his story. His live performance and stage presence though were not the best I have seen, which is why I give him an 8.5/10.
Steve Aoki the headliner of the tour and the tours namesake, rocked the arena. Playing a few brand new songs, and producing amazing visual effects, the whole performance was both visually and audibly pleasing. Of course there was the classic "Aoki Caking" I had been conversing about with several photographers while in the pit before the start of his set. Chucking a few rather large cakes into the crowd also made the performance appealing to taste to a select few. Although his visual effects were just as good if not better than Borgore's, his stage presence wasn't nearly as great as Borgore's. Rarely speaking and using the same arm/hand motions throughout the whole set, watching just Steve Aoki wasn't exactly visually stimulating. With all factors consider I give Aoki a 9.5/10.

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