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Album Review: Yossarian - The Little We Know

   Score: 100%  

Yossarian, based out of London, are set to release it's debut full-length album "The Little We Know" on November 26th, and you can currently pre-order it here

"The Little We Know" starts out with "Arrow Part 1", an anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Front man Ash Spencer's unique baritone vocals swoon in contrast to the falsetto of the violin. The opening track, as well as the rest, seem perfect for a large venue setting. The songs are built in a formula that would potentially involve a lot of crowd interaction, and provide great sing along portions. 

In "13.8" the vocal harmonies really stand out, and give Local Natives a run for their money, they almost amplify the melancholy tone of the album, and, as you sit and listen, you can't help but feel the emotion of the song.  I've never before heard and felt such heartbreak in audio format. 

Another standout track from the album (every song is a standout track to me, and it's difficult to pick a favorite) is "The Beacon." The song features some of the most beautiful harmonies you'll ever hear. The organ and violin blissfully backtrack the vocalist, singing about selling his soul so that he doesn't have to die alone. This track is followed by "No Body Designs," an intense guitar heavy track that really defines how talented Yossarian are. They can beautifully craft a mellow song about heartbreak, followed by a powerful guitar track about religion, and it all makes sense. Every track builds up to an explosion, but in a non repetitive way. Mumford & Sons could learn a lot from these guys.  

"The Season Song" is classic indie, and it seems like it's straight off of Radiohead's "Kid A." It's like a part 2 to "How To Disappear Completely," and just as powerful of a song. The vocals have just as much virtue, singing along to a distorted guitar and abrasive violin melody. You can tell that Radiohead has greatly influenced the band, and in a good way. 

The album ends with "Arrow Part 2," the real climax to the album,  it leaves you wanting more, but feeling satisfied at the same time. Over an hour's time, Yossarian have proved to me that they are extremely talented, and an have amazing ability to craft beautiful music. "The Little We Know" stands out hugely, and is sure to see this band successful.

I'd highly recommend giving this album a listen. Throw on some headphones, relax, and try to decipher every single sound you hear that is crafted into the most beautiful album I've heard since 2010's "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire. Yossarian has extreme potential, and I can't wait to see them grow and develop into a headlining act. Great things are on the way from Yossarian. 

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