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Mumford & Sons kicked out of Atlanta strip club

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Mumford and Sons may be big… but not big enough to break America’s most tried-and-true piece of legislation: never, ever take photos at a strip club. Marcus Mumford and his group of merry men learned this the hard way Tuesday night at Atlanta’s Clermont Lounge.
According to TMZ, it was karaoke night at Clermont, and Mumfords’ Ben Lovett hit the stage to sing some Bon Jovi and Loverboy. The band snapped some pics of their mate in action, but were quickly confronted by security. Words were exchanged, “Don’t cha know who I am?”s were spewed, Marcus took off his straw hat and vest, rolled up his denim sleeves, and raised his fists, but ultimately security resolved the situation by booting the band from the venue.
By the grace of god, TMZ has video of the incident, which you can watch below.

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