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Live Review: Gramatik at House of Blues Orlando

Let's face it, Florida is a cursed state. It seems like most artists forget Florida is even a real place, and they skip over it completely. So it's always nice when a fun artist comes along, to an area that seems musically deprived, and you get to go and have a great time. That's exactly what I did Saturday night, when Gramatik brought his "Age of Reason" tour to Orlando.

I arrived early to the House of Blues, not knowing what to expect. Since I moved here from Chicago a year ago, I still hadn't yet been to House of Blues, it's tucked away inside Downtown Disney, one of many tourist traps that are scattered throughout the area. Slowly but surely, all of the music fans arrived, I'm not sure where they all came from. It's strange here in Orlando. In Chicago, there is a well defined music scene, and no matter where or when you go to a show, it will always be full. That's something I'm going to have to come to terms with, but all pretenses aside, the show was fantastic!

Gramatik came on about 11:30, and as soon as the lights started flashing the crowd went insane. Lasting a little under two hours, Gramatik showed Orlando the proper way to party. I was excited, it felt like Chicago again. It wasn't one of those shows where everyone just stands there looking around, people were moving. The guitar echoed through the House of Blues as the thumping bass turned it into one big dance party, and at that moment, I decided that living in Florida isn't so bad, and that you can have a good time here too. Thanks Gramatik. You guys showed Orlando how to party. The tour just started, so I'd highly recommend. Chances are he is coming to a city near you. Click here for tour dates.

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