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Chicago Hip Hop Spotlight: YBM

"I started when I sold candy as a child to learn the value of a dollar. Made catchy lyrics to get people attention and buy the candy. My sister said "Boy Stop you can not rap" Didn't take it serious through out life. High school we use to rap and Play 2k before school, Straight freestyles. I learned a lot from a fella name "Corey Brown". His Lyrics and delivery was Crazy. It's like he use to go into world when he raped, slowly but surely I grew and picked up a thing or 2. Left for the navy and it seems like music, writing and free styling in the middle of the ocean is what kept me sane. I almost lost sights of what my true gift was when I started taking criminal justices classes while serving my time in the service. At the time I was infatuated with tactical enforcement. I was addicted to the tactical training I was put thru when it came to crowd control, being O.C sprayed,Team work the whole nine. But what I failed to realize is when It came to taking the classes it just wasn't me. Don't get me Wrong I passed the classes I took averaging a 3.0 GPA, But the love wasn't really there. That's when I had my wake Up call and I haven't stop Since.. Music is me and I have a story to tell So Sit back and watch this Young Man Work." - YBM

Here are three of YBM's tracks to check out! Check him out on Facebook.
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