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Artists to Watch: Flabby Hoffman

Flabby Hoffman is a powerhouse of creative energy whose intensity and commitment to the expressive impulse is unparalleled.  His third album, Coup De Ta-Ta's, is a 4 hour triple disc journey into a world of powerful and intense music covering multiple genres, full of pure kinetic rapture and guaranteed to have even the most dormant of sensory perceptions utterly raging in its expansive vibrations.  And just like its creator, what's the secret to how Coup De Ta-Ta's got so good?  Well just like its creator…its in the girth.  Why if this album (and its 32 page booklet) was the only disc you had while stranded on a desert island, you'd have enough to listen to and read for months and the jewel case that holds it all is so thick, you could probably use it as a makeshift canoe to row yourself back to civilization in. 

Having over 50 different diversely oriented musicians involved in this band (circulating around a trio of permanent members) allows us to really shift gears without compromise and cover a lot of ground musically and stylistically. Each song is designed to reflect the lyrical idea…no matter what genre it takes us to.  The whole thing is unified in the theme of the Flabby Hoffman character which is equal parts angsty iconoclast, satirical jester and passionate seeker of truth.

Check them out at www.FlabbyHoffman.com or stream some music below!

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