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Muse coming to Amway Center Feb 25th!

Muse is touring in support of their sixth album, The 2nd Law, released by Warner Bros. Records. Rolling Stone declared The 2nd Law as Muse's "biggest, craziest music yet."
Muse is Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme.
Since forming in 1994, the band released five studio albums selling upwards of 15 million albums worldwide. The group's last album, The Resistance, reached number one in 19 countries and they have won numerous awards around the world, including a Best Rock Album Grammy Award and an American Music Award for The Resistance. In July 2012, Muse's song "Survival" was adopted as the official song of the 2012 Olympic Games. On October 2, 2012, the band released their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law.
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  •  $43, $53, $63 | All tickets are subject to applicable taxes, service, handling and facility fee charges.
  •  Door opening times for the Amway Center vary according to each event. Guests may enter the arena one hour prior to the start time of each event, unless otherwise specifically noted. Guests may check door times in advance by calling 407.440.7900.
  • The show reserves the right to approve camera use at any time during and/or before the event and to prohibit the use of any camera that is deemed unacceptable. Cameras with a detachable lens, iPads and the use of flash photography are prohibited at all Amway Center events. Check amwaycenter.com or call the administration office at 407.440.7000 prior to the event for any camera policy updates. Camera policy is subject to change at any time at the show’s discretion

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