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Desaparecidos at The Beacham Feb 19th!

Conor Oberst has several monikers. One represents beautiful folk music, one represents his acoustic side, and then there is Desaparecidos. Desaparecidos is a post-hardcore band based out of Omaha, Nebraska. They are currently on their first tour in over 10 years. The show was awesome. Joyce Manor opened and set the stage for Conor and Co to come out. While I don't normally get into music this heavy, I must say it was fun to see Conor Oberst transform from a folk singer to fronting a post-hardcore rock band.

1. Greater Omaha
2. Man And Wife, The Former (Financial Planning)
3. Happiest Place On Earth
4. Mall Of America
5. Backsell
6. Survival of the Fittest/It's a Jungle Out There
8. $$$$
9. Anonymous
10. Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)
11. Arikkkopa

12. Manana
13. Spanish Bombs ( The Clash Cover)
14. Hole In One

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