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White Noize, an up and coming rapper from Nor Cal. He's white and really knows how to rhyme. The words just roll right off of his tongue, he's not the next Eminem or Asher Roth. He's his own kind of rap, he's more like a poet, he's the MC of Poetry. He's mostly YouTube Famous, but this man has some serious potential. His newest rap has just been released "Breaking Bad Mane Rough Cut" the meaning of this song is open to interpretation, but this song really just talks about the joys of life. By the joys of life, I mean getting high and drifting away from the world and fucking all of the problems. Just laying back, which is a song that everyone needs, because everyone needs to just chill. Do as White Noize himself says, stay high, stay positive, stay highly positive. You can do all of that by listening to his new song.
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