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Anarbor completely blew West Michigan at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 29th when Anarbor played their set on the “End of the World” Tour. They opened with their accurate song “Always Dirty, Never Clean.” They had the crowd going wild throughout their whole set. Halfway through their set they played their new single “Whiskey in Hell” which even got the people who didn’t know who they were going. The song just has an upbeat, rock rhythm and reminds you why getting drunk is so amazing. Their set ended with their song “Let the Games Begin” which is the song that really describes their second album. The audience went crazy for Anarbor, there was crowd surfing, plush animals, bras, panties and Mardi Gras beads being thrown upon stage. It was a night to remember, not only for the band but all of the concertgoers. The pop punk band Anarbor will always remember their Michigan shows, because everything goes ape shit up here.

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