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An interview with Skyy Wells, the director of Skyy's Burning Productions and Come Together Music & Arts Festival!

We did an interview with Skyy Wells, the director of Skyy's Burning Productions and Come Together Music & Arts Festival!

Who came up with the idea for Come Together Music & Arts Festival? When?
My partner (David Farmer, director of PHD Productions) and I came up with the idea for a beginning and ending festival at the end of the 2011 season, after Skyy's Burning 2011. David (Pharmy) checked out the dates and once we realized it could fall on 4/20, that decided for us. I began planning Come Together, to kick off the festival season for people in the Midwest to come and see those familiar faces they'll be seeing all summer.

How did you begin the process of organizing the event?
The first thing I did was approach some the of bands that helped with Skyy's Burning last September, and test the waters to see what the response would be. I started with bands i was familiar with and went from there. There is talent from 15 states flocking to Come Together, including musicians, artists, fire dancers, belly dancers, aerial artists, slack liners, jugglers, fire eaters, Hula Hooper's, go go dancers, merchandise/food vendors, they are coming from everywhere. The bands and the venue were my first order of business.

What made you pick the Water Bowl?
I've been going out to the water bowl for years, it's one of my favorite venues. After seeing so many great festivals go in and out of there, and then bigger festivals haven't been happening there lately, I decided that if they are stepping down, I'm going to step up and fill the hole that they left. Muncie is a great city, the people there are so welcoming, they enjoy the events, have fun with it, and appreciate showing off the venue. I love the locals.

Is organizing a festival easier or harder than you thought it would be?
Easier by a long shot, Skyy's Burning started out as my birthday party. I've been involved in the music scene since i was 17yrs old. I grew up in the Philippines and have lived in several states. i always get involved no matter where i have been. I've been in the music scene kind of incognito in Indiana for about 7 years now. This will be the second event i have put my name on since i lived in Indiana. The response was so overwhelming, it morphed into a 3 day 5 stage music festival. I wasn't expecting the response to be as it was. People thanked me, actually walked up and thanked me for throwing it, and so I decided to do it again.

Adam Langloff, of Magnetic, has been an amazing help to us in this as well. He has put a lot of time and effort into taking as much stress from my shoulders as he is able by working with me on the bands, from everything to which bands to book to the line ups, he has been my right hand man. Literally. Lol.

Everyone involved are such great people, I truly appreciate it, it humbles me that there is such support & faith in what i have chosen to do. We're having fun putting it all together. My Fiance/partner David Farmer handles the sound and lighting, as well as the EDM side of things. He has the djs, I have the bands.

What has the response been thus far from the demographic you are trying to pull in?
The response from fans has been overwhelming. Word of mouth like in the old times. Flyers, sites online, our own website, SkyysBurning.com, and multiple other facets help, of course. Word of mouth has been our best asset, by far.

What can people expect at Come Together Music & Arts Festival?
I want people to understand that when they walk into this festival they are walking into a community. It's not just people playing music, this is their lifestyle.

We're having a field day on Saturday (4-21) with different random camp games, relay races and stuff like that.
We're also doing a raffle at the festival for charity, the 1st drawn winner every night gets to choose which charity wins the money.

5 Stages (3 band stages, 2 EDM) Groovy Stage is psychedelic stage, Far Out Stage is bluegrass/jam/reggae/blues sit back and relax music, the Righteous Stage is for our up and comers, our amatures, we're giving them a chance here.

It's going to be a lot of fun! Workshops, Tye dying, hemp jewelry, environmental workshop, Norml & Dance Safe will be there with a booth. We are absolutely pushing that arts are just as important as the music in this situation. There will always be something going on. We're going to have taggers come out to do graffiti work as well as live painting & crafts. We have several vendors coming out! We have 5 food vendors. BYOB event, even if we do end up having a beer garden.

When should people start arriving?
The gates open to the public on Friday April 20th at Noon EST.

Tickets are $35.00 for the weekend in advanced (includes camping). Tickets at the gate are $45.00.
Day passes are $25.00 for Friday and include camping for one night and you have to be out by noon the next day. Day passes for Saturday are $35.00 and include camping for one night also. To purchase tickets click HERE!

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