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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Concert Review, Part 2.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus put everyone at the Emerald Theatre in awe on November 3rd. The show was absolutely breathtaking, the whole crowd was jumping up and down. The band opened up with the first song on their first CD, “In Fates Hands.” Which is all about seeing your dream and following it, which is exactly what they did, Ronnie wanted to quit drinking and get sober. He did that with his music, and became what he is now, someone who writes music about life, not about drugs. The crowd was especially taken aback when they played their new song “Choke” then decided they’d go a little old school Red Jumpsuit and play “Face Down.” The whole crowd was wowed when Ronnie really broke it down with “Your Guardian Angel.” Not to mention, when the audience sang the wrong verse and he just laughed at them, his cool personality really made the show that much better. It made the concertgoers like them that much more, just for the simple fact that they weren’t stuck up and snooty. The best part of the show was when they played “Damn Regret” the song is so upbeat and happy, the fans got really pumped when they played this song, it was by far one of the best concerts of the year.

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