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Interview with of Montreal!

Photography by: Ryan Dufour - dufour_ryan@yahoo.com

We sat down with Davey Pierce from of Montreal for an interview backstage at North Coast, here's what we've got. I'd like to mention these guys are jokesters!!

Hey guys, nice to meet you, we'll get started with a cheesy question! What's your favorite city to perform in?
Davey - I've said this before, and I'll say it again, Mobile, Alabama is my favorite city to perform. Those fuckers are crazy! It's the best city to play a show!

Who do you/did you want to see today?
Davey - we saw a bit of Little Dragon, I also really wanted to see Gogol Bordello, and I'm a huge fan of Thievery Corporation.

What is your favorite song to perform live?
Davey - Probably "Grolandic Edit," because you can add in crazy riffs, but it's easy to play, and you can just be up there and dance like a douche bag. Nah, I'm just kidding.

How did fans react to your new EP?
Davey - We weren't expecting that much of a response because it was spoken word, but most fans were digging it.

How do you guys feel about fans illegally downloading your music?
Davey - We'd rather them do that and come to our show, because at least they hear our music and become a fan. If you want to physically sell an album now, it needs to come with shit. We did Chinese Lamps, T Shirts, Decals and Stickers to help sell our record.
The Internet is pretty much the wild wild west right now, there is nothing you can do about it.

You guys still get starstruck?
Davey - Fuck yeah, totally. We have the highest respect for people like James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips). They are cool guys, and it's interesting to think that even though they sell out Madison Square Garden, they also help load and unload they're shit from the stage, and keep it real.

You guys are from Athens, Georgia, musical greats come out of that city!
Davey - Yeah man, it's nice. I'm really digging this band from there right now called Reptar, check them out.

Have you noticed yet how you go to a festival anywhere, and it's almost like a class reunion?
Davey - Yeah! It's cool. I like festivals because you can see people you never see, like Gogol Bordello perhaps. You can be cool with someone, and see them two years later at a festival and be cool with them again. It's great.

What do you do 5 minutes before your performance?
Davey - Line checks, vocal checks, the dancers are getting in costume. We're all excited and ready to go.

What do you guys do in the first 5 minutes after a performance?
Davey - We help break shit down, help everyone out, and thank them! Everyone that tours with us is like our family! We all love each other.

Have any other musical projects going on?
Davey - Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. Check out Yip Deceiver. www.YipDeceiver.com

Let's talk new of Montreal! When is the new album coming out?
Davey - We're expecting it for Spring 2012, it's done, mixed, and ready to go. It will be called Paralytic Stalks. We're excited for our fans to hear it.

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  1. That's was a great interview conducted. The questions asked where in the minds of many people which were truly answered by Davey Pierce.


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