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Why Electric Forest was a HIT!

The inaugural year of Electric Forest was important in more ways than one. Not just because it's a new festival, but it's so much more than that. Electric Forest is an experience, to some people, it's a summer tradition carried over from going to Rothbury, to some people it's a new experience, and to some people it's a festival that holds a place in their heart, because of the ground it's being held on and the people that are there. At any rate, we here feel that Electric Forest will be here to stay, and that the festival was brilliantly organized.

Photos By Warren Katz with The New Halifax
  • Smaller crowd than Rothbury (about 20,000) made camping much more comfortable, as well as traveling through the festival grounds.
  • Well organized staff and planning. Entering the campgrounds/festival grounds ran quickly and smoothly.
  • The MUSIC. Most importantly, the music was a big factor of making this a successful reincarnation of Rothbury Festival. The promoters of the festival (Madison House and Insomniac) didn't spare a single second sorting through bands to perform and book for the festival. Care and time were putting into shaping the music lineup into what it was, and it was a fantastic time. I can only hope in the future, Madison House will continue the tradition of booking the same headliner 3 nights in a row. We also hope they branch out, offering a much larger lineup with more known musicians. The talent was there though, and it was a fabulous time.
  • The Sherwood Forest!!!! Madison House didn't sweat about investing into making the forest a magical place for every festival patron. As soon as the sun set, the festival came alive with LED Lighting, Lasers, Black Lights, and Booming Music. In the day, it was a comfortable place to relax on the hammocks.
  • Vendors: There were a wide selection of specialty vendors at Electric Forest, including a strip of them in the campground which was great for a late night snack.
  • Activities: There was always something to do, between music, the life size mouse trap, disc golf, yoga lessons, or a hula hoop class! Great job for keeping us busy guys!!
To say the least, this festival was nothing short of a success, Madison House has finally found it's niche at the Double JJ Resort, and we hope they will be back for years to come.

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