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Motion City Soundtrack puts on a "tasteful" show

Motion City Soundtrack put on an amazing show on Halloween at the House of Blues in Chicago. Along with Say Anything, Saves the Day, and Valencia. The two bands that really stood out last night though were Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack. Say Anything started it out with The Futile, a great choice in my opinion. They then went on to play a setlist covering songs all the way from albums "Baseball" to "Say Anything is a real boy". While the band did an excellent job performing there songs, there was a few things I was a little disappointed with. (And by excellent I mean the put on an album quality performance.) I was disappointed with Say Anything's decision not to play "A Walk Through Hell" or "I Wanna Know Your Plans".(Two of my favorite Say Anything songs) All in all I'd say they put on a solid show. Max Bemus is really interesting to watch on stage. He has so much enthusiasm. Now onto the highlight of the night. Motion City Soundtrack. I'd like to start by talking about their tech crew. As we were waiting for the tech crew to start the sound check for Motion City Soundtrack four guys come out dressed as salt and pepper, and ketchup and mustard. (Keep in mind this show was on Halloween.) After just a few seconds we realize that those walking condiments on stage are in fact Motion City's tech crew. As funny as that was Motion City comes on stage a little later dressed as hot dogs. (the only band all night that dressed up) I thought it was refreshing to see a band that can have fun with a performance yet still keep things serious. The band started out the night with there hit single "Everything is Alright." They then performed songs from "I am the Movie", "Commit this to Memory" and "Even if it Kills Me." The band put on an excellent performance. And I can confidently say that it was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. Frontman Justin Peirre not only performed well but had great interaction with the crowd and even stayed after the show to sign autographs and talk to fans. Needless to say I will definitally be at the next Motion City Show that comes around. If you haven't been to a Motion City show yet I highly recomend looking into it.

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