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Primus at Congress Theater 10.2.2010.

The Venue: Congress Theater.
I was really excited for this show, as I'm a huge fan of Primus. Doors were to open at 7:30, so we arrived at around 7:00 to pick up our press credentials. We walked through the doors like instructed, and then got screamed at by 4 or 5 security guards, asking why we came in. We then went and told him we were there to pick up our press credentials, and he said "Your What?" We then approached the press table, and were instructed to wait over to the side, because the press list had not yet arrived. Another group of security came up to us and told us we could not stand there, after we were instructed to. We finally get our credentials (which were left over and dated from a North Coast Music Festival after show for the Disco Biscuits) and they sent us out, rather than letting us in like normal. We had to go all the way to the back of the line. Then security comes out to the like screaming and asking if there are any press people, and saying "Why are you in line, and not inside." They need to get organized. Worst staff ever.

The show: Primus.
After all of that, we were a bit bitter about the whole evening, but Les Claypool changed that in a split second. The stage had a couple of large astronaut figures, and the helmets would play videos of abstract faces. Typical Primus. The entire venue was dancing the night away, forgetting about the unorganized venue and rude staff. All in all it was a great show, not really too much to say about it.

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