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In Our Spotlight - Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack an alternative band from Minnesota is a must have on everyones Ipod. Made up of Justin Pierre (Vocals/Gutair), Jesse Johnson (Keyboard and Snyth), Matthew Taylor (Bass), Joshua Cain (Gutair), and Tony Thaxton (drums). Formed by Justin Pierr and Joshua Cain in 1999 Motion City's unique combination of snyth, drums and gutair make Motion City a must listen for any fan of Alternative. (Justin Peirre's head turning vocals don't hurt either). With hit albums such as "I am the Movie" "Commit this to Memory" and they're most recent album "Even if it Kills Me", I personally am very interested in the direction this band is going. They are getting bigger and bigger every year and it won't be long before they are in everyones Ipod and computer. Motion City is currently touring with Say Anything (see below for ticket information) and I highly recomend going to see them. On top of everything listed above they are also incredible live. I was lucky enough to see them back in 2008 and have been dying to see them again ever since. (Which I will finally be doing this month.) This being said, Motion City is a good solid Alternative band and a good add for anyones music collection.

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