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Gogol Bordello first confirmed band for Bonnaroo 2011?

Could this be the first solid rumor for Bonnaroo 2011?

Posted on a forum, a reliable poster (over 22,000 forum replies) Stated this....


I just talked to Eugene Hutz and he confirmed Bonnaroo 2011 to me. Also, Gogol are in talks to currate a stage for festival. Just letting any of you who plan on going know. I wont be there... but Gogol currating a stage is awesome.


Great news!!!!

Other heavily rumored artists include My Morning Jacket (New album, ect.) , Radiohead (New album, and, because everyone loves Radiohead), and U2(based on gaps in tour dates)

So, this puts us here.

Gogol Bordello.

Rumored, based on new albums, tour dates, haven't played in a while. (Click for more info.
Death Cab For Cutie.
My Morning Jacket.
Arcade Fire.

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