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The XX To Build Recording Studio With Mercury Prize Money!

After the unanimous critical acclaim afforded to their self-titled debut album was topped off with their win at last night’s Mercury Music Prize ceremony, The xx have said they will use the £20,000 winners cheque to build a brand new studio.

Speaking to NME, singer Romy Madley Croft explained how they will use the cheque to move away from the limited recording location they experienced last year. “We made this album in a converted garage at our record label,” Romy said.

“We felt very lucky at the time to use it, but I think we’d love to make our own studio, somewhere where we can just experiment.”

Meanwhile, the London trio have admitted that the distinctive sound of the record was arrived at by chance. Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, drummer Oliver Sim revealed that many of the sounds which have been praised were simply a result of recording in the converted garage. “The space in the songs came from the limit­ations that Romy and Olly had recording them. All they had was a multi-track recorder with room for four tracks,” he explained. “I refuse to play live drums because so many bands have live drums. I don’t think I could be as innovative on live drums.”

The traditional boost in interest and sales often enjoyed by the Mercury Prize winners is already in evidence, with reports today of a 500% boost in sales for the band at online retailers Amazon.

Read more: http://www.live4ever.uk.com/2010/09/the-xx-to-build-new-studio-with-mercury-music-prize-money/#ixzz0yteaAXJ7

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  1. You couldn't ask for a better debut album.


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