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Mariam's Corner.

You guys all know of the Punk Goes... Series. There was Punk Goes Crunk, Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes Pop 2, Punk Goes 90's, Punk Goes Metal, Punk Goes Acoustic, Punk Goes Acousitc 2, Punk Goes Classic Rock, and soon to be Punk Goes Pop 3. Punk Goes Pop 3 is released November 2nd. Punk Goes Crunk had some songs that got really big like I Wish by The Secret Handshake. Punk goes Pop 3 has songs that got bigger than any other songs on the Punk Goes... series. The wiki page for the song list is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_Goes_Pop_3

I won't be able to post links of any of the songs until the CD is released. But you know the songs and I'm telling you, you'll love the covers.

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