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Mariam's Corner.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a new video out for their new song "Choke." It's off of their new EP called "The Hell or High Water." The Red Jumpsuit had many hit singles before such as "Your Guardian Angel," "Face Down," and "You Better Pray." They aren't really a new band, but no one thought they'd release a new CD after their last one was such a bust. The EP was released two weeks ago, and the CD will be released in early 2011. Their new song "Choke" is about a guy that got cheated on by a girl and he basically says how he hopes she chokes, pretty mean but anyone who has been cheated on feels that way about the person that cheated on them. This new song sounds like their first CD did, it's a lot better than their second was, let's hope they're as good now as they were in 2007.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Choke" Music Video from Robby Starbuck on Vimeo.

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